Contact The Department Of Pathology

All inquiries regarding organ donation (Willed Body Program) can be directed to:

BUMC Autopsy Suite at (520) 694-6083 or (520) 694-6000
All inquiries regarding wanting a regular autopsy performed can be directed to:

Banner Morgue (520) 694-6561 Monday through Friday, from 8 AM to 5 PM, MST.

On nights and weekends, please contact the mortician on call @ (520)-531-2417
All inquiries regarding medical records (status of an autopsy or pathology results) can be directed to:

BUMC Release of Information Department at (520) 694-7310 
Office of the Department Head

Academic Pathology

Anne de Leon, Pathology Fellowship Program Coordinator

(520) 626-5669
Academic Pathology

Tammy Talvy, Residency/Fellowship Program Manager

(520) 626-6830 
Business Office

Christine Witten, Manager, Finance & Administration

(520) 626-7330